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The Constellation Toolbox is a cutting edge MATLAB Toolbox for the analysis of satellite constellations.

  • Can be used to analyze satellite systems that utilize GPS, GLONASS, or any user-defined constellation.

  • Utilizes full MATLAB capabilities for modularity, vectorization, and graphics for the ultimate in speed and presentation quality output.

  • Modular, highly-vectorized, well-commented MATLAB source code (m files) provided to users


   Constellation Toolbox

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Key Features                  

Single user license price of $995 (U.S.) includes:

  • 160 page user manual in PDF format with examples, tutorial, and function reference.

  • Tutorial scripts for each modification and implementation.

  • Examples and general support functions.

  • Error checking of all input variables.

  • Customer support via phone, e-mail, fax, and web.

  • 1 year of free upgrades and technical support.

Purchase additional licenses within 30 days for only $695 per license.

Purchases must  be made via phone, fax, or email. On-line purchasing is not available. Payment methods include check, wire transfer, VISA, MasterCard, American Express. Prepayment is required for all international  orders.


Voice (970) 30-ORBIT   [970-306-7248]

Fax     (877) 70-ORBIT   [877-706-7248]

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License Maintenance

  • $295 for 1 year maintenance license, which includes upgrades and technical support.
  • $495 for 2 year maintenance license.
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System Requirements

  • MATLAB 6.0 or higher for PC, Mac, or UNIX

  • Supports up to MATLAB 2009

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